Miejsce ogłoszeń

How much does it cost?
Promotion at the start: placing ads free of charge.
Until 01/07/2019, the use of the website is completely free of charge. After this time: according to the Price List

Who can add ads?
Everyone who owns an item that sells or represents the owner of the item.

How long will my ad be available at the website?
For 60 days from the day of adding the advert.
After this time, it is possible to refresh the advertisement.

How can I highlight my ad?
We have 4 promoting options available.
- Special promoting- it is the slider at the top of the page
- Promoting in „ bold” - advertisement in bold.
- Promoting the advert in border – ad in the frame.
- Promoting via the background - ad stands out through background
The prices are available on the Promoting page.

What are the payment methods for adding an advert?
Payment by bank transfer

I added the ad, when it appears?
We try to make sure that the waiting time for adding an advertisement is as short as possible
so immediately after posting the payment.